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Kalyan Open to Close

Kalyan Matka Charts

Language of Matka

Matka Its type of betting in India.The word derived from earthen pot which was used in past to declare draw
Single Any digit between 0 to 9 which involves in betting.
Jodi/Pair Any pair of two digits between 00-99 involves in matka (e.g : 52)
Patti/Panna A three digit result comes as betting result.All all three digit number is patti/panna.Only limited 3 digit numbers are used.You can find complete list of patti at this link
Result Result is nothing but outcome of betting.It comes in two form Open and Close
Open Result Matka result comes in two part.First part is known as Open Result
Close Result Second half of matka result is called as Close Result
SP/DP/TP SP for Single Patti e.g. 123 , DP for Double Patti e.g. 112, TP for Tripple Patti e.g. 111
Cycle Patti The last two digit of patti is called as cycle patti or cp (e.g. In case of patti 128, Cycle patti is 28)
Bazar/Market There are two main types of market in satta matka.Kalyan market and Mumbai market
Chart Chart is nothing but collection of past records.(e.g.You can find past kalyan results at Kalyan Matka Chart)
Bookie A person which takes bets and handles all financial terms is called as Bookie
Matka King A expert person in satta matka betting and has won so many bets(earned profit from market)is called as Matka King
Result HelpSuppose todays matka result is 120-34-149. The first half 120-3 is called as open result while the second half 4-149 is called as close result.If we take sum of digits in open patti(Open patti is 120 and sum is 1+2+0=3), we will get open result 3 and by same calculation you will get close result
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Satta Matka Time Table
GOA DAY 12:30 PM 02:20 PM
TIME BAZAR 01:03 PM 02:03 PM
VIDARBH DAY 01:00 PM 02:45 PM
RAJDHANI DAY 02:45 PM 05:45 PM
RAJKALYAN 02:50 PM 04:50 PM
MILAN DAY 03:10 PM 05:10 PM
KALYAN 03:45 PM 05:45 PM
GOA NIGHT 08:30 PM 10:30 PM
MILAN NIGHT 09:05 PM 11:10 PM
MUMBAI MAIN 09:36 PM 12:10 AM
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